Issue 22

Activities Co-ordinator's Spring Update

act caf act co update spring08First thing to tell is at the end of March a band called Brass Monkeys came to play in the sports hall. They are all young people doing their nurse training. The turn out for the band was excellent, they played a variety of music from Amy Winehouse, to Elvis Presley. They were fantastic and we had a marvellous time. It really went down a storm and they gave up their time and talent free of charge. So thank you to everyone who attended the sports hall to hear them. Finally, a special thanks to the band called The Brass Monkeys.

The Ladies group were you can come and spend an hour is still running, but there are some new things going to start, the ladies tell me that they want a darts team, so that they can have tournaments against the boys, the practising will start straight away.

Also they want to do some work on the courtyard in Newton, and the ward manager has agreed this, we are looking into quite a few new activities, and if you have anything that you would like to do please let us know.

Now that the weather is better our community trips, places of interest, are starting back and we are looking into places to visit, I have started doing a book on were we might visit, if you know some where that you would like to go, please let one of the activity coordinators know.

That is all for know until next time from the activity coordinators

From the Activity coordinators