Issue 22

Leap Year Variety Show

Behind the scenes at the variety show 08At first both patients and staff are invited to join the variety show committee meetings, which are held periodically in the café. Suggestions for acts are put forward by all who wish to take part. The planning, preparation and script writing is then underway.

The props are planned and constructed in the various workshops at the clinic by both patients and staff.
dale hanging up the back drop for the temp stage

Rehearsals can be a problem as it is difficult to arrange suitable times when all involved in a particular act are in the building at the same time. So it's more than likely that most of the acts you see on stage have not had any rehearsal time whatsoever, and it shows as well! but it only adds to the fun! The "Doctor Sketch" at this years show, for example, was completely unrehearsed with each participant bringing in their own creativity and props to the parts, meeting for the first time at the actual performance.
humping the sound equipment and props into possition

act caf 2variety show08We plan and prepare for the show weeks ahead, but if you compare the original plan with what actually goes ahead, it's like looking at two different events.

People drop out at the last minute for many different reasons, with volunteers replacing them.

Dale.P (Act/Co)