Issue 24

Caswell Clinic Variety Show

Variety show 08cAt first both patients and staff are invited to join the variety show committee meetings, which are held periodically in the cafe. Suggestions for acts are put forward by all who wish to take part. The planning, preparation and script writing is then under way.
fancy dress

The planning for next years show has already commenced with ideas and acts have already been put forward. If anyone would like to take part, perhaps not on stage but behind the scenes, we, the Activity Coordinators would be grateful to hear from you!

The props are planned and constructed in the various workshops and wards at the clinic by both patients and staff. Rehearsals can be a problem as it is difficult to arrange suitable times when all involved in a particular act are in the building at the same time. So it's more than likely that most of the acts you see on stage have not had any rehearsal time whatsoever and it shows as well! But it only adds to the fun!