Issue 22

This time of Year

Hi folks, It's me just writing to let you know Spring is here and all the signs of Spring are here too with the weather being very mild. This could be something to do with the greenhouse effect. But listen folks, this ozone layer thing about CFC's and others could just be one theory as to why the earth is heating up. It could be just us putting on our gas fires or using our lighters and heating our houses or factories burning lots of coal who are causing this.

So we need to stop and just have a little think about it. What we could do is simply save on the electric and gas and turn off all electric items after use. This is a start but best of all give some work to your local library by telephone or visit and ask for some books on the subject or/and access the internet. If not just try and recycle papers, plastic and tins.

All the best for a better future.