Issue 19

Ogmore Ward Goes Green

greenOgmoreFollowing a current affairs session on Ogmore Ward one evening, the subject of global warming was raised and the patients showed a keen interest in how they could help participate in reducing global warming and become "The Green Ogmore Ward".

One of the main concerns was the lack of recycling amenities and the opportunity to recycle everyday items such as newspapers, plastic milk cartons, tin cans and glass.

  • An identified area of the ward was allocated as a recycling station.
  • An information board promotes re-cycling and a collage has been created by the green gang.
  • This is having a good impact in motivating and educating staff and patients.

The green gang consists of Dharma, Darren, Melly, Aubrey, Adrian and Russ who promote and deliver the recyclables to the local waste management centre such as Sainsbury′s.

We have been recycling for over a month with no teething problems but we have to recycle twice a week because of the volume of material that has accumulated!!

Finally, watch this space for other ideas that highlight green issues.