Issue 19

Men's Group

Men′s group, is as it′s name suggests, a group for men within the Caswell Clinic which runs for just over an hour every Tuesday afternoon. The group currently has about seven participants and is facilitated by myself (NeilM, OT), James G (psychologist) and Geoff B (clinical nurse specialist). The group has two main aims, to offer education into different area′s of patient′s lives and to offer support and encouragement from peers and staff members.

The group has just completed it′s first module, entitled "exercise and Mental Health". This was generally well received and involved guest speakers on both theoretical and practical aspects of the benefit of exercise on mental health. Forthcoming modules include; healthy lifestyle, legal and nutrition. Some suggestions for future topics have been "leavers group", "vocational opportunities" and "medication".

Feedback from participants is that they are enjoying the group and if any of you are interested in joining the men′s group, please discuss with one of the facilitators.

NeilM OT