Issue 21

Rambling Group

Rambling MargamThe rambling Group still tasks place on a Saturday morning and approximately eight people take part.

Due to the wet weather conditions, the rambling group has been a little bit of a wash out of late. But we still have some all weather walkers prepared to go out in all weather conditions. It′s been cold, wet and damp but we still enjoy every step of the way.Blackmill still remains the most popular walk being quite flat and with an excellent café ("The Smithy") half way along. However, we have had some great walks at Afon Argoed Park and also through the fields of Margam Park.

Hopefully when the weather gets better we will add some other walks in different areas. If you are interested in joining our rambling group please get in touch with any of the Activity Coordinators and we will only be too happy to try and get you involved.

Activity Coordinators