Issue 21

Keostler Awards 2007

The Keostler Awards is an annual competition and exhibition of award-winning arts from UK prisons, young offender institutions, secure units and high security psychiatric hospitals. It was founded to encourage creativity among individuals in detention and now receives over 4000 entries every year.

Once again Caswell Clinic patients and the Clinic itself had an excellent result for participating in the competition for 2007. Congratulations! To all the patients who participated and also who won awards, cash prizes up to the value of £60. The Koestler Award Ceremony took place on Thursday the 29th November in the clinic′s café. The ceremony began at 2:30 with Dr Tegwyn Williams presenting the group awards first. Well done! To The Caswell Chat magazine group Andy, Liz, Bob, Aubrey, Mel and Adrian. Congratulations! to Kenny, Richard, Andy, Russell and John for their articles entered in the Caswell Chat.

Well done! also to Cardigan Ward Group participants John, Kamal, Rob, Andy, Tommy supported by Val health care assistant on entering "Charlie the Cross Eyed Dragon". A congratulation to the individual award winners′: Liz for her painting "Rainbow" and Dharma on his painting "Somalian Village".

I wanted to say thank you to all who attended and gave their support on the day and to the housekeepers for putting on a great buffet. This is my first year being the organiser of the Koestler awards since Heather Gourley OT moved on. It was very moving to see the talent and effort put in by the entrants and also to Bernie who supported and encourages the arts and craft entrants. It has been a great success for the patients and for the Clinic to be honoured and awarded for their hard work this year. Please don′t hesitate to contact your OT, OT Technicians Alex Perry and Neil Watkins, Primary Nurse′s and activity coordinators if you would like to enter the next annual Koestler Award competition for March 2008. All patients are welcome individual pieces such as art, craft, music, woodwork, poems or any art forms are welcome!

I wanted to wish all the entrants the best of Luck for 2008!

TraceyB. OT