Issue 20

Life Skills Group

Being asked to write a "brief " outline of one of the therapy groups we run here in the Caswell, is a bit like being asked to explain Einstein′s Theory of Relativity in one paragraph.

That′s not because the ideas behind "Lifeskills " are complicated, but because the people (patients) who come along to this group week after week are truly amazing.

Being one of the facilitators of the group, I feel exceptionally privileged when group members talk about their life experiences during sessions. Often when we are trying to illustrate some of the ideas behind one of the topics such as "Confidence Building ", a member of the group will just come out with something that has happened in their lives which is really "spot on ". To say that the group members have worked really hard both in the "Lifeskills " sessions and outside the sessions, putting the ideas into practice, is an understatement.

In total there are 18 sessions, covering topics as diverse as assertiveness, fear and avoidance, giving and receiving compliments, and non-verbal communication. Which all sounds a bit daunting, but the way the group members have joined in and explained how these issues have affected their lives, has been fantastic.

Nobody is "put on the spot " and asked to contribute if they don′t want to, but to be honest, everyone that′s been involved in the two groups we′ve run here in the Clinic have happily "chipped in " with things.

Because the Lifeskills "course " is quite long, one of the ideas we′ve had is to break it down from 18 sessions, into modules of 6-8 sessions long. This is so that people who attend can have a break, or attend an Activity group in between for a change.

In many ways, in being asked to write about the "Lifeskills " group, I thought it would be a good opportunity to thank all those involved - past, present and future.

Are you interested?

If so, speak to your Primary Nurse, or ask them to contact Lavinia Forward, Kath Sayce, or Geoff Barry for more information.

Geoff Barry