Issue 21

User Friendly Group

UFG logoThe User Friendly Group (UFG) has been formed to give support to patents in the clinic. It is run by RobC who is an ex-patient and understands the needs of patients. He also acts as a link between nursing staff and patients. RobC visits the clinic on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

The following items have been recently addressed:

Shop:This has now been opened in the UFG Office and is led by RobC with the help of patients. It is open on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Catering:Cardigan Ward has recently completed a questionnaire about the quality of food on the ward. It questioned the most favourite and least favourite food. A review will be given to the UFG next January.

Hafal:RobC has arranged for this mental health charity to visit the clinic in January.

Smoking:The policy regarding long term smoking ban was reviewed and MikeS is to contact RobertG. If smoking will still take place in the clinic then a review of smoking out side of the café will take place.

Cafe/Tenby Courtyard:MikeS felt that it was unacceptable that patients cannot access fresh air outside the cafe. The courtyard belongs to Tenby ward. It was felt that part of the courtyard could be cordoned off. MikeS to pursue.

Stolen Bikes:SianD stated that there was no insurance for the bikes that had been stolen. She will need money to buy new bikes as well as to construct a cage to house the bikes. RGoodwin to be contacted.

Ward Lap Top computers:SianD said that she is looking at having new lap top computers on the wards. The computers in the Education room are out dated and we need to have new ones. This is especially true when one is doing the ECDL Computing course. - lap top computers may be the answer but the problem is a lack of funds.

Funds:There was discussion regarding the clothing allowance funds where patients had £50 per quarter. Most patients are on incapacity benefit and do not receive the clothing allowance. This funding could be put towards purchasing lap top computers. MikeS to pursue.

RobC stated that some of the major supermarkets run schemes whereby they give shopping vouchers for charities with a discount that can be claimed back. RobC to pursue.