Issue 21

Catering Questionnaire

The catering Questionnaire was completed late September, early October 2007. All wards within the clinic participated generously and following is a breakdown of the results: A total of 34 patients completed this survey across all wards.


Patient Catering Questionnaire Part 1
Tick in the box that applies.

Almost always

Do your meals look attractive? 71% 27% 2%
Are the food temperatures satisfactory? 79% 21%  
Does your food taste good? 69% 25% 6%
Do you receive the items you should? (Cutlery, drinks) 94% 6%  

Are you served pleasantly?

94% 6%  
Are the food portions adequate? 73% 18% 9%
Patient Catering Questionnaire Part 2

tick in the box that applies

YesNo/Don′t knowYour Comments

Would you like the Menu to be altered more frequently?

77% 23% 9% Declined to comment
Would you rather lighter/snacks/sandwiches at lunch time? 38% 62%  



To advertise menu in advance. To offer more culture foods. To highlight the calorific values of meals. To ensure tables are laid with cups and serviettes. To offer more choice of soups. To include brunch on the menu more. To include more meat dishes that do not contain sauces.

From this questionnaire it is easy to determine that there is a fall in target requirement for food taste and choice. As a result, during the New Year, the Menu′s will be amended to reflect these requirements, which we envisage will have a positive effect.

We intend top frequent the menu with a two weekly cycle with new products and healthier menu choice. In addition to this, following positive feedback across the clinic , the New Menu may also introduce (during the lunch-time menu service) a lighter meal variety.

This may include a selection of filled baguettes, tortilla wraps, jacket potatoes, soups or salads. Of course, ass with all menu changes this will be subject to patient opinion and views – comments and thoughts/ideas are always welcome from all. All comments are duly noted and acted upon where possible.

To further improve the catering service, all wards will have their current running week′s menu clearly on display. A clear descriptive menu folder will also be placed on each ward displaying all menu′s as well as information such as the daily available 5-a-day nutritional information for each meal service. What we are additionally working towards is to place in these folders a calorific breakdown for all meals, this is already being discussed with the catering company 3663. Salad selection will be improved to include several different choices that will be available on a daily basis such as green salads , beetroot salads, coleslaw, pasts salads, couscous, peppers etc. This of course can be readily available as a choice during both meal services daily. Continually, Housekeeping will prepare alternative foods/snacks should this be desired.

Finally, myself and Housekeeping Services′ shall continue to improve catering services and standards and will continue to provide an excellent catering service at The Clinic. We aim to positively progress with the Caswell Clinic Menu Service by working towards a healthier lifestyle for all.

Thank you


LisaR – Support Services, Caswell Clinic