Issue 17

Care Programme Approach

What is the Care Programme Approach?

The Care Programme Approach or CPA is a way of organising care for people with mental health problems. It applies to anyone who is accepted by specialist mental health services.

What does it involve?

CPA involves

  • An assessment of health and social care needs
  • A clearly written plan of care
  • Regular reviews of care
  • A named person to co-ordinate care (a care co-ordinator)

CPA is based on

  • Working with service users
  • Involvement of families/carers where appropriate
  • Your clinical team working together to help you

How does it work?

Assessment of need

Everyone who is entitled to CPA will be entitled to assessment of their health and social care needs. Following the assessment the care team and the service user will meet to discuss the best approach to meet the needs of the individual. Others involved in the care such as family, GP's or previous mental health or social care workers may be consulted.

From this assessment a plan of care will be formulated. A care co-ordinator will be allocated and copies of the care plan will be given to the service user and l those involved in the care package.

The Care Coordinator

A named worker, called a care co-ordinator. The care co-ordinator will be a qualified health or social care professional and the person who has the highest level of involvement with the service user. Their role is to over see the care package and be a consistent point of contact for the service user, carers and other professionals.

There are 2 levels of CPA Standard or Enhanced Level

Standard for people who require minimal intervention and support and Enhanced for people who require a more frequent and intense service.

Written Care Plan

In CPA a care plan is a record of needs, actions and responsibilities and should be written in an accessible and jargon free way. Care plans exist for the benefit of the person using the service and should be based around their needs. All people on CPA have a right to; the development of a care plan, to sign their care plan and to have a copy of their care plan.

Review of Care

A review will be arranged regularly by the Clinical Team. The meeting will review how the plan of care has worked and decide what changes if any need to be made. These reviews should take place every 3 months in the Caswell Clinic replacing case conferences.

Carers assessments and Care Plans

CPA recognises the important role carers have. Carers are entitled to an assessment of their own needs. The assessment include; the current support they provide for the service user, the carers views and the carers needs including; financial/benefits advice, domestic and personal assistance, emotional support, advocacy, transport and information.

By: Dena - CPN