Issue 16

New to Caswell Clinic

As a relatively new patient here at Caswell Clinic I would like to share my thoughts on how I find life in the Clinic, especially in the hope that my experience in here may encourage even more recent arrivals.

The first thing that struck me when I was admitted about two months ago was how friendly and helpful everybody is. When I first arrived I was placed on Penarth Ward and the nursing staff gave tremendous help and encouragement. I soon realized that it was easy to talk, open up to, and trust in them because they genuinely seemed to care and be interested in each individual patient.

Now that I am on Cardigan Ward I find again that same helpfulness, care and interest in each patient as an individual as well as plenty of support and encouragement to develop one's own personal abilities and potential to the full.

There are so many activities and groups available in Caswell that there is no reason for any patient to feel bored. For some, perhaps because of the side-effects of medication, it may well mean making an effort to motivate oneself but the effort is well worth it. Besides, no one is made to feel that they must do what is beyond their ability so any activities or groups are always relaxed and enjoyable rather than a burden that must be done.

Caswell Clinic is what each patient decides to make of it. For some it may simply be a place of confinement. For others it is a chance to develop positive personal growth, well-being, peace of mind and the confidence once discharge comes to return back into society knowing that time spent in Caswell was not a waste.

Anon Patient