Issue 18

Note About the Art Class

graham paintingThe Arts and crafts activities group started about 12 weeks ago and seems to be enjoyed by everyone. The little pebble houses are coming along fine and as well as houses we are making various shops, a church and not to forget a pub.

Andy is going to make a castle copying the one that is just outside the town of Cardigan and proposed to call the street of houses Cardigan Street By coincidence it is also the name of one of the Caswell Clinic Wards and which he is currently on!! Having made Cardigan Street we will enter it in the Koestler awards next March which look for novel ideas with arts and crafts

Tuesday afternoons are spent making little pebble cottages and shops which we try to make with odds and ends which we find along the tide lines and river banks.

I have started a painting course every Tuesday morning and would welcome any budding Van Gough's to attend!!

Everyone seems to look forward to the time spent in the arts room and it is great to see how the people who attend get along and work together as a group.

I really enjoy taking these classes and I get as much fun as the people who attend. I go home in the evening knowing that it is all worth while.


PS We also hold a clay workshop producing dragons, pumas, pots etc