Issue 17

New Food Menu

The Catering Service at Caswell Clinic has been further improved and expanded to a four-week menu cycle and will be implemented throughout the Clinic during September 2006.

The main aims that have influenced these changes are healthier eating, more variation and of course to continue with improving the catering service for patient satisfaction.

The new four-week cycle focuses upon offering a lighter lunch, with a choice of either the main course or a snack option (that will be available on the day by Housekeeping Services) Evening Meal will be varied, with a choice of two main courses plus desert, whilst vegetarian meals have been expanded to include a much larger variety. As always, should patients wish not to choose off the menu service, a snack option will be made available instead. This is all clearly highlighted in the new menu folders.

The Company that we use to provide our catering service have also successfully implemented over 300 product changes that include their salt reduction programme & are also considered to be healthier options (e.g. 5 a-day, low fat, low salt etc.) Wherever possible, we have included these product changes into our new menu thus endeavouring to work towards a healthier lifestyle for all.

New Menu Folders will be placed on every ward throughout the clinic, available in the main recreation areas and dining rooms at all times.

Upon the new menu service being implemented throughout the clinic, within approximately six weeks, patient questionnaires will be handed out in order for views and opinions to be expressed. These views and opinions are looked at finely in order to establish patient likes and dislikes.

We also propose to introduce on a regular basis the option of a themed menu day thus providing a little extra variety to catering services. This we envisage to occur on a regular basis as well as focusing it around special event days on the calendar. The first themed menu day will take place in September and will be centred around Oriental & Thai dishes.

Finally, as always, out intention is to continue to provide an excellent catering service at the Caswell Clinic, taking into account patient′s views and concerns at all times. We shall continue to endeavour to progress with the Caswell menu Facility by working towards a healthier lifestyle for all.

By: Lisa R ~ Support Services