Catering Questionnaire

Following the implementation of the New Catering Menu facility, catering questionnaires were handed out to each patient within the Clinic. A total of 23 patients out of a possible 49 completed the questionnaires the results of which are as follows;

Patient Catering Questionnaire Part 1


Almost always

Do your meals look attractive? 62%
Are the food temperatures satisfactory? 90%
Does your food taste good? 66%
Do you receive the items you should? (Cutlery, drinks) 92% 8% 92%
Are you served pleasantly? 100%
Are the food portions adequate? 74%


Patient Catering Questionnaire Part 2 

fairly happy
Are you happy with the new menu changes:-lighter lunch times/no desert for lunch times/more selection of main meals throughout the menu (9% Declined to comment) 65%
Are you happy with the times that meals are served? 96%


Overall, a fairly positive result considering there have been a large amount of changes to the menu service. However, the findings from the questionnaire clearly shows that improvement is needed in taste, possibly presentation in the way meals look when being served, portion control and of course the new menu overall. (whereby a total of 65% was recorded as patient satisfaction with the New Menu)

As a result of the questionnaire and other general feedback that has been offered to me direct from the patient groups within the clinic, the menu will be subject to further change in the New Year. These changes will target the following areas

Meal selection for taste and presentation Portion control – this has to remain strict due to dietary & health requirements Meal options/choice for both lunch and dinner

Upon the menu being improved and altered, our aim is to achieve at least 90% in each of the criteria set within the questionnaires. We continue to work close with the food company 3663 in order to satisfy our service at the Clinic. 3663 are positively implementing their healthy eating campaign to compliment our services at the Clinic. A large majority of their products have either been modified (e.g. through their salt reduction programme) or they are considered as healthier options (e.g. 5-a-day, low fat, low salt etc).

Your comments answered......

Where the question has repeatedly been asked to supply fresh vegetables and sometimes fruit instead of in cans or frozen, I can confirm that the frozen vegetables and occasionally cans of fruit do actually count towards the 5 portions of fruit and veg that the FSA(Food Standards Agency) recommend we get on a daily basis. According to the British Nutrition Foundation, broadly speaking, the vitamin and mineral content of frozen and canned fruit and vegetables is equivalent to that of fresh products. This is because fruit and vegetables are usually frozen or canned very soon after harvesting, so much of the vitamin and mineral content is preserved. Fruit and vegetables in ready cooked meals, pasta, soups and deserts can all contribute too. So please be assured that the menu service within our Clinic is working fully with FSA recommendations and of course, as always, working towards healthier eating.

All the main dishes have been carefully designed to contain the required and specified amount of meat, vegetables, pasta, rice, etc etc. These amounts have been carefully selected in line with portion control & dietary needs and requirements. There is therefore the correct amount of meat placed in all our meat dishes, as per portion control requires.

Deserts have been removed from the lunchtime menu in order to compliment dietary requirements within the Clinic. This has been made a requirement for every ward and will remain as stands. Deserts are offered at teatime and offer a mixture of both hot and cold choices, the majority of choices are also considered as part of our ongoing healthier eating campaign.

And finally, "Congratulations and praise" to all Housekeeping Services Staff for their continued outstanding service during meal times. Not only do they provide an excellent catering service within the Clinic but they retain an important role on each of the wards forming a rapour with both patients and staff on every ward and indeed compliments the catering service that they so superbly provide and enjoy doing.

The next Catering Questionnaire will be distributed during March 2007, allowing sufficient time for our targets (as listed previously) to be developed and implemented to the New Menu Service in the New Year.

LisaR – Support Services, Caswell Clinic