Issue 17

Compost Corner 00.7

Welcome to compost corner where we have had a busy summer. The hot weather in July meant that we struggled with the weeding and needed regular tea breaks!!

One feature that we are very pleased with is our "Three Feathers" design - made from stepping stones which were supplied from our concrete workshop. Although I must say so it looks beautiful but we have had to do a lot of weeding. As the ultimate accolade, a member of staff wants to copy the design for their own garden.

We planted most of our flowers in the Three Feathers plot and these varied from Livingstone Daisies to African and French marigolds to Petunia and Asters and many more plants as well.

We also have Echviria, succulent plants in terra cotta pots for sales at £2 per pot so see Mike or Dill (OT) for your order before they are all gone.

Having had a good season with the flowers I can only say that we had a bumper season with the vegetables. We had many tomatoes grown in the green house that supplied the nursing staff for many weeks. We also grew cucumbers in the green house. Outside, we planted potatoes, runner beans, leeks, onions, carrots, beetroot, lettuce and cabbage. We have done really well with our runner beans and I have heard that there have been problems with their growth in other parts of the country – this may be due to hose pipe bans which we do not have in South Wales.

By: Greenfingers

Hi folks,

Ok all you budding gardeners, I bet you think the seasons over (yeah).

You are absolutely wrong! It isn't!! Late summer and, as we will soon have early autumn, is just the right time to sow such winter vegetation as winter cabbage, parsnips, cauliflower and carrot – and also such flowers as winter pansies and forget-me-not's for flowering next season.

Also various vegetables such as lettuce and leeks can be grown in greenhouses all through the winter and the early spring.

So get cracking folks and just to let you know the local council are giving away plenty of compost bins.

By: TerryC