Issue 18

Compost Corner 00.8

It′s that time of year again when we reflect on our labours of the past season in the therapeutic garden. The garden patches have been dug over ready for the frost. The two greenhouses have been cleaned out ready for mid/late winter when we will plant the seeds. This is possible because we have heaters in both greenhouses.

We had bumper crops of tomatoes, cucumbers, and runner beans in a climate where other regions in the UK did not grow very good crops - probably because of the water shortage which we did not have in South Wales. We also grew leeks which survived until November!! And our usual produce of carrots, lettuce and peas. We were able to sell the produce to the ward staff and held a garden fete (many thanks to the organiser - Jeanette). We raised approximately £100 for garden buffets.

As shown in the previous edition of Caswell Chat we had a wonderful display of flowers especially in the three feathers patch; these lasted until September.

We have already ordered the seeds to arrive in the New Year.

Unfortunately, both staff involved with the gardening group have left – MikeW has retired and DillE has moved to a new job. We wish both of them well and will try to keep up the high standard that they set in the garden. It shows how popular the gardening group is, eight patients regularly take part and it is hoped that MikeW and DillE has fond memories of the gardening group in Caswell.