Issue 17

Garden Fete 2006

On Bank holiday Sunday the 27th of August we had a garden fete. There were a few stalls out including a book stall and donated cakes. Some knitted items were also donated. A popular item was guess how many nuggets were in a jar with lots of patients and staff taking part; there was a prize for the one closest to the correct amount and there were two winners. Some brick a brack were again donated,

Lis sold some of her hand made cards, and last but not least the fresh vegetable stall, ran by Andy and Melly there were potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, runner beans, and beet root. This turned oput to be s great success. All the money raised from the vegetables goes to the gardening fund, and the rest goes into one big pot for all the patients.

There was also a raffle with two prizes and there was a great response to this as well. All in all it was a very good turn out and I think everyone enjoyed, it made Sunday a little different.

I just want to finish by thanking everyone for their support, both with their contributions and also digging deep into their pockets, once again thank you very much and also a big thank you to Andy and Melly who were brilliant.

By: Janette D (Activity coordinator)