Day in the Life of a House Keeper

MagI would like to share with everyone my work experience at the Caswell Clinic. My working role is as Housekeeper on Cardigan Ward at the Clinic. I work 30.0 hours per week and my work is scheduled by way of shift rosters.Work tasks are very similar each day, but not one day is the same. I work closely with other members of staff and patients on a ward within the clinic. The clinic environment is very comfortable and I can truthfully say that the Caswell Clinic is a very friendly place to work

My job as Housekeeper is a combination of both cleaning duties and catering duties on a warded area. I combine these two duties into a daily schedule which I maintain on a daily basis. Cleaning a warded area is not just about cleaning the bathrooms, floors and tables etc. My duties also include high and low dusting, vacuuming all areas, glass and windows must be maintained, colour coded cleaning equipment is used throughout the warded area, kitchen appliances and equipment must be cleaned on a daily basis, to name but a few of my tasks. All my cleaning tasks are carefully monitored to ensure that the ward is clean to a standard.

The best part about my job is the catering side. I really enjoy cooking for patients on my ward and put effort into what I do. The cooking is not simply about putting the food into the ovens and leaving it to cook, you have to determine which meals are going to be cooked, prepare certain foods before cooking, make up sandwiches, salads, and choose deserts. There is also the constant checking of foods whilst they are cooking, turning and rotating foods. Most importantly I have to ensure that all foods are stored at the correct temperature, are thoroughly cooked by probe checking and keeping records, checking the fridge and freezer temperatures, ensuring all foods are covered and dated correctly, applying strict stock control procedures.

Margaret on Cardigan WardWhen the clinic was first commissioned, after all my training was complete, the thought of providing this catering service for a lot of people (as well as combining a cleaning service) made me think, 'this is going to be a huge task', but after the first ever meal was cooked and served I was completely at ease, although, I do remember burning a chocolate pudding during that first week! All had to eat just plain custard

My job is not simply about cleaning a ward and cooking for patients, I actually feel part of this small community and really personalise my working role within the Clinic. This makes my job even more enjoyable.


Margaret. J (housekeeper on Cardigan Ward; Caswell Clinic).