Issue 15

Sports Hall Message

Well it´s been a year since I started and it´s flown by. Some may say that's due to being off with a broken thumb for 2 months but I see at as enjoying my role and having lots of plans for the next few months too. The other reason I have been away a little in October was that I was playing rugby league for Wales in the European championship. We beat Scotland and Ireland but lost in the final out in France. It was a great experience for me especially playing against Scotland as some of the O .T .department was there cheering me on (very loudly).

What´s Been Going On

I have recently completed a month of presenting staff with inductions to enable them to supervise the cardiovascular equipment (treadmill, cross-trainer and the bikes) in the fitness suite along with procedures for using sports hall equipment. Patients and staff must remember that this does not cover the use of the weights and staffs with a current weights certificate are only able to supervise patients using this equipment. During November I managed to train up 30 members of staff from across all the wards, lists of these names will be provided in the nursing office to make everyone aware who is able to facilitate this

I am also in the process of pursuing other members of staff that was unable to attend whom I think would benefit from the training. I will aim to induct these members of staff in the New Year. All this should enable the patients to get use of the fitness suite and sports hall more frequently.

Plans for the future

daleGymI am hoping to start up bowls, badminton and table tennis leagues in the New Year, which I will facilitate and arrange all matches. The idea being even if I am not around patients can still play, supervised by other member of staff. The match times can be arranged by the patients, myself or with the help of the activity coordinators. If you are interested in any of the leagues see the notice board on the ward or speak to a member of staff to put names forward.

Also I am aiming to get involved with a healthy lifestyles group, working with Donna the dietician, Simon Rogers (nurse practitioner) and other members of staff. Feedback questionnaires are currently being filled in to recognise the interest in this.

Another group I will be leading is a sport and exercise development forum (name not definite yet). This will aim to gather feedback from patients and staff on ideas or concerns they have regarding anything related to exercise or sporting activities within the clinic, in the format of a monthly meeting which anyone can attend.

Dale on one of the running machines A gentle exercise class/circuits class is also being planned for the new year, where people of all abilities can perform a set routine to music together and at their own pace, to get rid of the Christmas pudding.

I didn't think it was fair that the patients should do all the work down the sports hall/fitness suite so I am starting up a circuit training class for staff who have new years resolutions of becoming fitter.

As you can see there is a lot happening down the sports hall in the coming months. Hope to see as many of you as possible attending the new activities.

Karl O.T.Dept.