Issue 14


Results of the third Patient Questionnaire

The third patient focused catering questionnaire was delivered to all patients within the Caswell Clinic. The outcome of this questionnaire is as follows:


The overall outcome of this third questionnaire is once again excellent proving that our catering services remain a success throughout the clinic. These questionnaires are an important part of our catering service at the clinic in order to ascertain menu choice and service.

A total of 23 patients out of 35 throughout the three wards completed this questionnaire, main results are as follows:

  • 91% of patients stated that the food was of good quality and taste
  • 87% of patients stated the meals looked attractive and were presented very well. 100% agreed that food temperatures were satisfactory
  • 92% of patients agreed that food portions were adequately sized for each meal
96% of patients stated they were served pleasantly
96% of patients stated that they received items such as cutlery & drinks at meal times.

Favourite meals:

  • Ogmore - chicken dishes, fish, salad
  • Newton - chicken dishes, lamb dinner, snack meals
Penarth - Spaghetti Bolognese
Least Favourite meal:
  • Ogmore - chicken curry, quorn sausage
Newton - chicken curry
Penarth - roast dinner



Our target clearly stands as aiming to reach 90% achievement for each criteria set on the Questionnaires.

A wider variety of 'snack' meals have been introduced to the menu, our intention is now to offer a wider variety of snack meals, which will also encompass the lighter variety of meals that our service will now aim to offer .

Fruit is being offered on a wider scale, with the introduction of summer fruits to the fruit bowl. To further improve our menu service, patient menu folders are being designed and will be issued to each patient throughout the clinic. These folders will contain the three week menu cycle, a list of snack meals and lighter meals as well as a clear introduction to our catering services within the clinic.

Food themed events have been a success on each occasion. The recent themed event, 'Curry Day' was a complete success throughout the clinic. We aim to provide the next themed food event later this summer.

As always, our complete intention is to endeavour to continue to provide an excellent catering service throughout the Caswell clinic and to continue to work with the patients in order to achieve the best possible service for all the patients at the clinic.

Lisa Rogers - Support Services Co-Ordinator, Caswell Clinic