Issue 7

Friends Of Caswell Social Evening

Thank you for the rousing evening of musical delights is what the Clients have to say!. Session 1 was opened by Mid Life Crisis who kicked off with some well known songs and provided a real "Pub" type atmosphere to the hall of Guests. Nicci followed with some up-market pop songs and there was a break for the food spread provided by Caswell Clinic – everything from pineapple to sausages! This also allowed a break for a chat and discussion between the various groups.

In the second session, Mid life Crisis included some Irish Folk songs – in particular the Clients enjoyed joining in with "Wild Rover" and listening to the mainline Rolling Stones numbers such as "Brown Sugar" – many legs were seen tapping the floor! Nicci also moved up-tempo with her choice of pop songs which included some strong deliveries of some of Kylie´s songs which led to even more toe tapping – had there been a stronger presence from the Women´s Sections, there might have even been some dancing! "Well Done"Friends of Caswell - the social evening was enjoyed by all who attended.