Issue 8

Pottery news: 0.1

Over a period of time individuals have created a variety of items such as dragons, wizards, chess peaces, picture frames, cottages, tigers and many more. The most popular way of making these are by using moulds though there are alternative ways of making pottery items such as slab and coil work or throwing on the pottery wheel

When an individual thinks that he/she would like to try pottery most have very limited knowledge of the process, but once they attend the first session they appear to enjoy it. Patients find it relaxing especially painting on the glaze on the item that they have created.

Everyone is encouraged to try this activity by clinic staff and all have got the ability to create an item of some description!! This is usually given as a gift to family members or even to themselves as they may never have created a piece of work they are proud of before in their life – like me!!

Dill.E (O.T.)