Issue 7

OT at Caswell Clinic

Occupational Therapists (O.T.´s) use activities to help people gain or regain the skills they need in order to live as independently and meaningfully as possible. Occupational Therapists recognise that good health is not just about the absence of symptoms but also about being able to use functional skills to undertake activities that are important and of value. Therefore, Occupational Therapy is concerned not so much with illness itself but how it affects the skills and confidence we need to tackle everyday life.

Many people living in the community involve themselves in a number of roles within work, education, leisure or self-care and through participating in these roles, gain a sense of identity and self-worth. Taking part in such activities also helps structure time and helps give us a "balance of work, rest and play ".

Occupational Therapists will therefore assess your skills and abilities and help you set goals that enable you to move towards achieving the things you want to achieve. This could involve learning new skills, practicing and developing skills learnt in the past or taking part in activities aimed at increasing your "quality of life ".

Occupational Therapy can take place within the clinic and the community depending on the leaves agreed by your clinical team. Work within the community may involve maintaining and developing skills of everyday living or looking at future vocational/ educational or social opportunities.

You will be allocated an Occupational therapist upon admission who will be a member of your clinical team.

Also, look out for activity timetables which are displayed on all ward notice boards. These will give you an idea of the variety of groups and sessions that occur throughout the week.

OT Dept.