Issue 8

Before looking forward 

                                    it may be worth looking back for one last time.

It became obvious soon after the Unit was commissioned that demand would outstrip the beds and eventually following much negotiations and further building we increased to 33 beds. The problem was that whilst we were pleased with our progress the Unit remained what it was – interim, and the target of around 60 beds was still not fulfilled. It was not until around 2000 that the petitioning and hard negotiations paid off and the prospect of a new Unit became a reality

The planning and building seemed to take forever, but we reached the final bed compliment of 64.

As we know, we still have one final hurdle to surmount in terms of agreeing the funding package to completely open the Unit. We remain optimistic and armed with an impressive track record and mountains of facts and figures we are able to convince our commissioners that the reasons we require funds are justified.

The commissioning of the Unit began with the transfer of the existing patients. Again with the co-operation of staff and patients this went without a hitch and we are now on course to open the whole Unit in 2005.

This is a very brief résumé of the trials and tribulations and success stories of the last 14 years.

The past is behind us the future is there for us to shape. We can be proud of our new building but it is not the bricks and mortar that matter, but the people within. Well done and best wishes for the future.

Paul Williams, Chief Executive