Issue 7

Activity Coordinator Patient Questionnaire

Overall, the feedback from patients was positive with over 80% of respondents stating that they believed the wards had benefited from the introduction of the role of activity coordinator.

Patient feedback surrounding the positive aspects of the role included issues of increased choice and availability of activities. Comments included; "I have done more activities than I would normally do on the ward." Improvements to the quality of life of patients were demonstrated with one respondent stating, " I think they are really beneficial, I notice a great difference on the ward to do more since they began and I think the wards would not run properly without them".

Helping patients with problems related to motivation was also a theme with one respondent indicating that the activity coordinators help in motivating patients to undertake ward based activities.

Possible improvements to the role included increasing support for the role from other staff and minimising activity coordinators involvement with patient observation. The need for a female activity coordinator was also mentioned as a possible way of improving this service to patients.

Paul D. O.T. Dept.