Issue 8

Mental Health Act Commission Visit 

The Trust has recently received the Commissioner´s report following their visit to the Caswell Clinic. During the visit, the Commissioners, following earlier interest from patients, considered whether there were any delays in the processing of patient leave by the Home Office. Whilst the Commission were happy to report that they could find no evidence of such delays during their visit they have, nonetheless, asked the Directorate to monitor the situation. The Commission have also asked for information on the full commissioning programme of the new build unit. The Trust has recently reached agreement with Health Commission Wales, the service´s commissioners, to open the fourth ward in early December 2004. The aim is for the fifth and final ward to be commissioned before the end of March 2005.

The Commission also visited the Trust on the 23rd August 2004 to review previous mental health reports over the last twelve months. During this visit, the Commissioners were particularly interested in the Clinic´s approach to user involvement and the patient information leaflet prepared by our patients. The Commissioners have suggested that the Clinic submit an article on these issues for inclusion within the new biennial report.