Issue 7

Rolling News



The new Caswell Clinic has been short-listed for the "Best Designed Mental Health Facility" in the above awards.An assessment team will visit the Clinic shortly to formally review the Trust´s application for this prestigious building award.



The time has come for the Clinic to begin preparing for the renewal of its Charter Mark. The Clinic has achieved three such awards at three-yearly intervals. The next application needs to be submitted by the end of November 2004 and will be followed by a visit from the Charter Mark office

In order to secure the award for a fourth time, the Clinic will need to demonstrate that it meets each of the following six criteria

  • Set Standards and Perform Well
  • Actively Engage with your Customers, Partners and Staff
  • Be Fair and Accessible to everyone and Promote Choice
  • Continuously Develop and Improve
  • Use your Resources Effectively and Imaginatively
  • Contribute to Improving Opportunities and Quality of Life in the Communities you Serve

Patients will be able to meet with the visiting team when they arrive for their assessment in December. Anyone wishing to obtain further information or possibly suggest areas that could be added to our application,please contact your Ward Manager or Robert Goodwin, Directorate Manager