Issue 8

Results of 2nd Catering Q?

The second 'Catering focused' questionnaire was delivered to all patients at Caswell Clinic late October 2004 – this questionnaire being delivered at the first quarter of the implementation of the New Catering Service at Caswell Clinic.


The outcome of the second questionnaire remains once again excellent, proving the Catering Service and Housekeeping Service remain an excellent decision.
Further information was gathered from these questionnaires which has helped towards establishing generalised opinions from each ward relating to meal choice and of course the patients' individual views.

A total of 23 patients within the three wards completed the questionnaire, the main results as follows

  • 87% agreed the food was of good quality & taste
  • 91.3% stated that the meals looked attractive & presentation was very satisfactory
  • 82.6% stated that they finish their meals & that they also received help if needed

Favourite Meal:

  • Ogmore Ward-Cod in butter sauce
  • Newton Ward-Chicken dishes
  • Penarth Ward-Chicken dishes

Least Favourite Meal:

  • Ogmore Ward-Curry/Corned Beef Hash
  • Newton Ward-Curry/Faggots
  • Penarth Ward-Liver with Onions

(The results of the questionnaire are available on each ward with details of further menu preference.)


Our target, as made clear in the previous questionnaire, is still aimed at reaching 90% achievement for each criteria on the patient questionnaire. We have already removed a few main meals from the patient menu and plan to further improve the menu service. Our aim is to develop the menu cycle to operate over three weeks. We have introduced a wider variety of 'snack' meals to the menu choice as well as a number of different 'main' meals. Our intention is to continue to improve the menu service, taking into account patient views at all times. As our intention was to also determine likes and dislikes throughout each ward, from our results we shall endeavour to satisfy each request.

Lisa Rogers - Support Services Co-Ordinator, Caswell Clinic