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China Challenge

Jenny has decided to 'throw caution to the wind' and take on board a China Challenge. This is more serious than it may appear because it is for children in crisis in China. Children who are forgotten whom we try hard to bring back into society from 3 years and older. It can be three days horse back ride away to get medication to some children. China Challenge is aimed at bringing much needed funds to help these children. It means under taking a 67 km hike over dangerous terrain in China over a 6 day period. You need to train hard to undertake the challenge. Jenny says ' One of the reasons for doing the challenge is putting my fitness into a worthwhile cause to help vulnerable and disadvantaged children throughout the world.;

I need to raise £2500 to do the challenge and have been arranging events to raise money such as a dance and a sports match with Caswell Clinic playing the local fire service'.

The event takes place next May. Jenny also has a major sponsorship from Wilkinson and donations from Debenhams, Revlon and other local shops for a raffle. She has currently raised over £1500. Forth coming events are a Christmas dance and a rugby match in the spring. Jenny will make up any shortfall in money herself, so any contributions would be most welcome.

Chat Issue Winter 2001

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Dec 2001 China Challenge

As detailed in the last issue of Caswell Chat, Jenny arranged a charity football match between Caswell Clinic and Bridgend Fire Service. Proceeds from the match went towards China Challenge, Children in Crisis appeal; £217 was raised.

Luckily, Sporting Sam was at the match and gives his report below.

It was a cold and wet autumn afternoon, the glorious green grass glistened with the heavy dew of rain showering the finely manicured pitch. Expectations were high, ritualistic training had occurred for at least seven weeks. Those fine chiselled torsos were slowly, yet surely stretched and gently teased into readiness for combat, and combat it would be!!!!!!!

The changing room was as silent as a community meeting on Ffaldau Ward. Sir "Billie" Ferguson uttered those motivating few words, "Do it for pride, do it for passion, but above all do it for honour".

Our concentration was at its peak as we ran onto the field of battle and prepared for a long and arduous campaign. Confidence was high, particularly with players such as Chris "Butch " Thomas, the mid-field Napoleon with his partner in crime "Mad Dog " Sullivan, gliding across the field as energetic as a wild colt having been taken off the reins for the first time. A win was the only result we would accept. Unfortunately that is what occurred, they won!!!!!!!

On reflection, it would have been more effective for both "Tiger Woods " Ghroum and The Big How to have been interested in the whereabouts of the football, instead of how gorgeous they both looked! By the way, what fine specimens you both are!

Headless Chicken Moyle and Chicken legs Thomas were a rock amongst pebbles, unfortunately the rocks were far smaller than the pebbles!! And then we had Eddy "The Wall " Bentley, who uttered those immortal words "I thought he was your man, it wasn't my fault honest, stop shouting at me, I'm sorry ". But thank goodness for the dam of the team the "Silver Fox " himself "Thin Ties " Alan Lee. Unfortunately, the dam burst its banks and the floodgates opened on four occasions!!!!!!!

The highlight of the game was a devastating move, orchestrated by the maestro himself, Fireman Sam Robbie Edwards, who ran in support to Bad Boy Billy's devastating strike that unfortunately hit the bar. So close yet so far!!!!!

Never Mind Boys, we had the Moral Victory!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck with the China Challenge, Jen