COVID 19 ME 20


Trying to think of a rhyme COVID 19 ME 20
That sounds witty And at the same time
Educates people to stay safe and clean
No need to be complicated
Just a little bit educated
On personal hygiene and health
This virus doesn’t care
About power or wealth
It affects all of us
We’re all at risk
And we all can help
It needs to be drilled in
So you do it without thinking
Washing your hands should be like
Tying your shoes, walking or blinking
I’ll say it again Wash your hands, sanitise
Distance of 2 metres keep
Ill keep saying until your
Washing hands in your sleep
Strongest enemy that’s
Easy to defeat
Just wash your hands
And wipe down your seat
A final word and yes
You guessed it
Wash your hands
Don’t even stress it
One day we’ll look back
On this and laugh
p.s. all Caswell staff deserve a clap.

By Kris