A Happier Man


Happy the man who has a warm cat
Who live together contentedly;
Happy the man who has a nice dog
Who gives him unconditional love.

To live with a cat in a high flat
Is not really the thing to do,
Unless you can teach it how to fly
Or explain to it how to use the loo.

But leaving a cat in a high flat
Can be done, for it’s not like a dog:
The flat will be its territory,
And becoming a high-living mog.

A dog in the air just isn’t fair,
It just doesn’t see things like a cat:
Left on its own to play with a bone
It could end up destroying the flat.

Get in your car, and drive to the Park,
Exercise your dog, wear him right out,
Throw something for him, a ball or stick,
So, when he’s at home, he will be “out”.

By Phil