Covid 19




Lockdown days gone by, many weeks apart
Not seeing family, it's tugging at your heart
Stress, strain on people like you and me.
This virus is invisable that you just can't see.
Scary going out, you need to get supplies
Hearing on the news, with covid you can die.
Keeping our distance, help maintain the low.
Hoping that one day, this virus it will go!
Washing hands and social distancing.
This virus we must tame,
One thing I do know, our world won't be the same again.


By April Price 2020


I work at Singleton Hospital in our HSDU Dept.
I have written a poem for The Book Of Hope its a Book being auctioned for NHS Charities Together. Once the book has been completed, it will be auctioned to raise money for the NHS Charities Together. For more info see link below.