The Camel



I am the rose that grew with tears
I am the stone that sat alone
I am the Phoenix that rose from the ashes
I am the anger blazing fire

I am a dove that would be free
But I am trapped as all can see.

I am a camel that walks in the desert
I am a scroll that tastes so sweet
I am a witness to the coming
I am an angel on a leash

I am a vision for the prophets
But I am this Worlds only hope

I am the one that followed naked
I am the one that Jesus loved
I am the thief that made amends
I am the prodigal son returned

I am the life that burnt to ashes
But I am the life that's born again

I am the Ass that carried Jesus
I am the builder of the ark
I am the pebble in the swing
I am the key to the Abyss

And with the jawbone of a Donkey
I have killed a thousand men.

  By: Anon