Too Clever for Words


Everyone's stupid in here but me.
I'm really too clever for words you see.
I've done all my sums and I've read lots of books
so why am I in here with these bloody crooks?
If you look a bit closer I'm sure you will find,
it's all about what's going on in my mind.
The diagnosis they just can't agree,
I could be depressed, or just have a.PD.
They must have a label before they can tell
what in fact will make me well.
They'll give me a pill of a special kind,
to sort out what's going wrong in my mind.
Then "they" will feel better and it will be good,
if I behave as they think I should.
But until they succeed I´m locked up in here
and they won't let me out ´til sometime next year .
I shout and I rave, I cry and I scream,
but being set free is only a dream.
The answer to this I see looking back
is not to go walking on a train track.
'Cos however clever you think you can be,
you'll end up locked up in here, like me.


By: Christine