The rattle of keys
as you walk up and down.
The look on your face
could that be a frown?
The ticking of lists
the counting of faces.
Are we all sitting down
in our right places?
The dispensing of pills
to keep us all quiet,
after all, we can't have a riot.
The unlocking of doors
just to get outside.
The herding of people,
the erosion of pride.
The time spent 'observing'
or reading the paper ,
or talking of pints at the pub
coming later .
The ignoring of people
sitting alone.
The stress and the boredom,
can't wait to get home.
The leaving behind
at the end of the day,
the work that you do
that gives you your pay.
The sigh of relief
as you step out of the door ,
leaving behind
all this and more.
Don't think of tomorrow,
it could be much worse.
One day at a time
in the life of a nurse.