Summer starts with a bumble bee's hum





The summer starts with a bumble bee's hum
Full of the summer sun
Bright – eye's beam and the trees are full of green
The fields arte full of hay and the children are full of hay
Lapwings and water rings
Cowslip and pixie tips
Long tailed tit is a gypsy witch
Oak woods and country goods
Frogs and toads there are loads
Butterflies and red summer skies
Woodcock and woodpecker knocks
Kingfisher's blue is what the fish knew
Bluebells and sweet smells
Trout looking out of their spout
Dragonflies and scary eyes
Little tiny mite out for its bites
Buzzard's mew just for me and you
Red kite's and eagles flight
Carp and the morning lark
Sundew in the summer blue
Dipper and dolphin flippers
Ravens flying upside down wearing a crown
Summer pools and fish schools
Lizards and no snow blizzards
Heron in the tree looking at me
Gold crest and eggs in the nest
For the robin as lost it red and the winter is truly dead