Perceptions of a Moment in Time 

 As with all things a small beginning,
A moment in time, a flash point in history,
Double edged sword, glistening and shining.
The prequel is set, complexity intertwining,
Cascading through all four elements, intensity’s the mystery

Earth, fire, air and water, in all is the fifth,
This symphony is perfect, the power is in all
Enough to make you feel small
Beautiful is this language, although knowledge is not always forthwith,
To unlock its secrets, it’s difficult when it’s small

Diversity in abundance, but encoded all the same,
Translating all that is us, to reveal it traversing all of our kinds,
Commonality is the key for us.
To scratch beneath the surface, to unveil its mighty name,
Similarities in all our languages, that truly, truly binds.

The life blood of the entire galaxy, the life’s blood in all of us,
Interwoven into all of life’s fabrics, interconnecting in many different ways
Energy never ever truly dies.
To simply open your eyes to see all is truly thus
To close your eyes completely could spell an end of days.


By: Chris