The Unknown Soldier

The Unknown Soldier
Do you see that homeless man
Sitting in the street?
With a shaggy dog on his lap
And a flat cap at his feet

His nicotine stained fingers clasp a strong can of booze
He used to hide it in a brown paper bag
But now he’s got nothing to lose

He doesn’t remember the last time
Someone looked him in the eye
People change direction when they see him
Or walk on idly by

What they don’t know about this man
Is that he’s a veteran and one of the best
But for dog food and booze he sold the medals
That once adorned his chest

He so gallantly served in the theatres of war
No physical injuries to show
But he drinks to forget the horrors of war
That only he will know

Do you see a lifeless figure
Frozen in the street?
A shaggy dog howls on his lap
There’s a flat cap at his feet

He died an unknown soldier
No-one would ever know
Another dead, homeless drunk they’ll say
What a way to go

Do you see the ghost of a soldier
Standing to attention in the street?
His uniform and boots are immaculate
And there’s a rifle at his feet

His medals glint and glimmer
There’s a distant look in his eye
Will you still ignore him
And walk on idly by?

By: Lewis